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Hi, We are a tech startup with Computer Vision, Web and AR/VR/xR in Tokyo.

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How we support your bussiness.

We work to figure out technological ways to help your business grow and R&D through all platforms and have more experiences of the following techniques especially.

AI & Computer Vision

Our Technological Background. Detecting objects / Analyzing sports / Photogrammetry / and more.

AR / VR / MR

Original techniques for 3D capturing and showing are available

App & Web

Developing for Android, iOS, AWS, Azure and so on.

Reserch & PoC & Patent

Supporting Research activities of partner company or universities

3D surveying & archiving

3D archiving and developing viewers for heritage or historical stuffs with the Photogrammetry for 3d scanners.

3D Tracking for sports activity

Developing custom scanning apps for sports activities such as traking 3d ball trajectories, estimating human pose, and measuring players' speeds.

ec image

Building EC site with 3D

Amazing 3D image on EC platforms like Shopify. Just sending your items to us or take pics at your shop are needed.

Ed tech image

Ed Tech

Making educational contents with high accurate 3d scanning technologies. Since the OAuth is available, it's suitable for online class on schools and universities.


NameDenqvision Inc. (電駆ビジョン株式会社)
Since2017 Dec.
CEORyuuki Sakamoto (坂本 竜基)
Legal adviserAZX Low Offices
Address2-33-2, Hanare3F, Hon-machi, Shibuya-ku, 151-0071, JAPAN
〒151-0071 渋谷区本町2-33-2 Hanare3F

Clients and Partners

We have supported many projects of clients in the past five years. The followings are a part of clients and partners.